A note from our Service Manager, 

Karen Connell. 

Honda’s don’t have regular scheduled maintenance services, but run on a maintenance minder system. These maintenance minders are triggered based on the vehicles operating conditions and are meant to maximize customer convenience, works to save the environment and reduces the cost of ownership. It is a simple system to navigate and understand. All maintenance minders are shown in two different codes; a main-code and a sub-code.

The Honda Maintenance Minder system makes recommendations for all maintenance services, not just “oil change” maintenance. It is recommended that you follow the Maintenance Minder schedule your car displays. If not followed and kept on top of properly, the main and sub-codes will get out of harmony and the Maintenance Minder cannot properly predict required maintenances. When proper maintenance is followed, there are several benefits:

  • Better resale value
  • Continued reliability
  • Longer vehicle life
  • Continued warranty coverage

The Maintenance minder system will help you and the environment. These benefits include natural resources, such as oil, not being unnecessarily wasted. As well, as a consumer, you will only pay when necessary, saving you time and money.

We look forward to seeing you at your next service!


Below is an easy way to interpret and understand what codes your car is showing in the dash.