Brake Inspection in Brockville, Ontario

The brakes are one of the most critical components of your vehicle. Ensuring that your vehicle’s brakes work optimally can make a significant difference in road safety. Maintaining your brakes and brake pads is both cost-effective and an essential safety requirement to ensure you, your vehicle, your passengers, and others around you will not get hurt or damaged from being unable to stop quickly enough. Keep reading to learn more.

When to Get Your Brakes Inspected/Replaced

A general rule of thumb for replacing your brake pads is around the 50,000-kilometre range for those using their car regularly in urban areas or around 130,000 kilometres for those who mainly drive in light traffic or on the highway. However, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate when you should get your brakes inspected. If you hear a squealing noise every time you hit the brake pedal, this could mean that your brake pads have been worn out. Next, if you are inspecting your brake pads through the tire spokes and you see that they are less than 3 millimetres thick, then this is also a sign that they need to be replaced. Finally, if you hear a metal-on-metal grinding noise when you brake, then this could mean that the brake pads have been worn out completely. Be sure to schedule a service appointment as soon as possible to get this checked out, as it could be dangerous to drive in those conditions. Visit our online Service Centre if you are experiencing any of these signs, and our expert service staff can inspect, repair, and replace any brake components to keep you safe on the road.