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Africa Twin

Laryssa Black | Published on December 16 2015

I am patiently waiting the arrival of our new CRF1000L Africa Twin, estimated to arrive, spring 2016.
Why be excited about this? Honda is adding another adventure bike to the collection that is deigned with both true ON and OFF road capabilities.

The Africa Twin is utilizing the virtue of the XRV750 R.I.P (1989-2003) known for its off road performance, agility and touring comfort. The XRV750 valve train, displacement, engine type, fuel delivery, transmission & much more has been "updated" if you will.

                             CRF1000L Africa Twin                    XRV750 Africa Twin

Valve train         Unicam 4 valves per head              3 valves per head (2 in, 1 ex)  

Displacement                 998cc                                                742cc

Engine type               Parallel twin                                          V-twin

Fuel delivery         PMG-FI fuel injected                              Carburator

Transmission         6 Speed OR* DCT                                   5 Speed

      The CRF1000L has the "go anywhere" approach, quite literally (See the enclosed photos). There are riders around the world taking advantage of this machine. Riding through extreme conditions such as shallow waters, sand, mud, rocks and even snow.

Weighing in at an impressive 511lbs with all required fluids, including fuel. 

      The suspension is set up so nicely! Showa front inverted forks, showa rear shock absorber with adjustable hydraulic spring preload. It is a parallel twin that will continue to show off amazing agility Honda is known for, focusing on a low centre of gravity. 
     Dual radial mounted Nissan front four piston brake calipers, and an adjustable seat 850mm or 870mm. The CRF1000L also features Honda's selectable torque Control (HSTL); 3 levels of control AND you can even turn off the ABS to the rear wheel.

***I want this bike!!!***

Plus it comes in two options.

Six-speed constant mesh, manual transmission


DCT (Dual clutch transission) 
Select the appropriate gear with the touch of a button, located on the left handlebar.
There are 2 auto modes to choose from
*D - Provides the best balance of fuel economy and commuting comfort.
*S - Increased sport performance WITH 3 different shift patterns; S1, S2 or S3
        ***There is also a "G" switch, which can be used in any riding mode. Its meant to improve machine and traction control; ideal in off-road applications.

"Further new functionality for the DCT system comes in the form of incline detection, by means of which the gear shift pattern is adapted depending on the grade of any incline to provide optimum control"

The CRF1000C Africa Twin coming to Canada will be available in three different colours,

The standard will be offered in:

*CRF Rally (Victory Red/ Graphite Black)
*Matte Black Metallic

The DCT version will be offered in:
*Silver Metallic

For additional information and specs follow the link below

Questions? I'd love to hear from you!

Laryssa Black


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