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Cold Weather Riding?

Laryssa Black | Published on October 08 2015

I'm not sure about you, but my motorcycle is extremely important to me. Yes I'm one of those odd few that say goodnight as I shut off the lights in the garage. Are there really that few of us..? Maybe who admit it at least...
I care about my bike, I said it. That special feeling we all get but can't describe began to depreciate.

Ahhhhhh get me home!!! Hands too cold to move and touch the gas tank to let my bike know I appreciate him!

I'M NOT READY YET! Which got me to finally educate myself more and prolong my riding season. Yes I've been there before, riding in what felt like the freezing cold and just remember it being absolutly ridiculous, slowly loosing my ability to feel in control but most importantly loosing my ability to enjoy the riding experience.

I write tonight and tomorrow start being prepared and ready for these cold mornings or days ahead, I'm not ready for my seasn to end quite yet.

My Checklist...

Do NOT expose skin.
Cover up! Ankles, wrists, throat

Stay Dry!.
Water resistant or proof gear

Pull over when need be.
Take the next exit to warm up.

Underlay close to your body that is breathable and keeps the heat in.

Understand how temperature effects bike. Tires etc.
Tire pressure drops and takes patience to heat up. Brake early, slowly heat up your tires while accelerating and braking.

Road debris. Other drivers
Leaves, gravel, wet roads, ice. Don't accelerate through these areas. Pay attention to distracted drivers.

This may all sound like a hassle, but it is far from, and more than worth it.

I often hear individuals utter the words "people on motorcycles are crazy, I could never do it". I used to think people who ride when it's cold were crazy.

Which leaves me with one of my favorite quotes "whether you think you can or can't, you'll be right" Henry Ford

Im off to unpack and trace down some wind suits.. getting ready to conquer tomorrow morning.

Dont forget our free motorcycle winterization clinic next Saturday the 17th from 10:30 to 11:30. Call or email me to reserve your spot

Laryssa Black



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