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Laryssa Black | Published on January 28 2016

I’d like to share a concept I've come across.
This concept although isn’t new (been out as far as I know since 2009 or earlier) it's new to me.
Whose creative eye gets the credit for this beauty? Igor Chak

Generation speaking this 2015 Honda CB750 is the great grandson of the 1970 an later CB750.

This is a smart bike, both literally and physically.

The flat flush large screen GPS is a great idea. Tucked away respectfully to not be in the way of the future rider (myself) and positioned exactly where I would like a GPS, top of fuel tank. Connects to both Wifi and 3G networks.
I would have to say goodbye to my adequate printed google maps, highlighted with just enough scotch tape to keep the corners down, again the future.

Dual Clutch Transmission, lovely for most, personally I'm still stuck and drawn to the standard clutch and shifter method of gear selection on a motorcycle. Prefer it on a Honda ATV.

Sensors are used to automatically adjust the front and rear suspension accordingly to rider weight, application and terrain conditions for overall top performance. Traction control, ABS, steering damper and an airbag for added safety;)

One of my favoriate features; Collision Mitigation Braking System* CMBS. Were seeing this technology already on our Accords, CRV's, Pilots etc. The CMBS  basically alerts you and/or applies the brakes accordinly when it senses your at risk of a collision. CMBS decreases the likelihood of the high volume of rear end collisions happening daily.

Four cylinder liquid hydrogen engine! NEAT!
A Hydrogen vehicle utilizes Hydrogen as its fuel to create power.
There are two commonly used technics for this.
1. The Hydrogen gets burnt in an internal combustion engine. 
2. Hydrogen and Oxygen react together in a fuel cell to run an electric motor.

The frame, aluminum for that feather-like feel and carbon fiber rims to furthermore reduce unsprung weight.

Specific features can be disabled through selectable settings by the cumtomer.

Designer: Igor Chak

Mr Chak has other interesting concepts out, remodel of the Honda Super 90, the original being release of course by Honda in 1964! Flash back and fast forward to the future.

Questions? Topics? I'd love to hear from you.

Laryssa Black


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