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Laryssa Black | Published on August 20 2015

Premium Fuel. I've heard the questions so many times "What fuel do you recommend"?

Today I'd like to talk about fuel.
I've heard the questions so many times "what grade of fuel do you recommend?".

I have also had heard the question when selling a new piece of Power Equipment "any common repair issues?" Honda really builds a great solid machine. I’ve seen it time after time again, product coming into our service department for "no start" or "not running right" conditions. The culprit? FUEL.

We recommend using Premium fuel when available,

Regular grade gasolines have a higher percentage Ethanol content.

Pros and Cons of Ethanol?
Let’s start off with the positives first. It is green! Better for our environment and made from grain or corn.

Unfortunately, it is a solvent, a drying agent and absorbs water. 
Regular fuels have an average shelf life of 30 days in a vented tank and 90 days in a sealed tank (ensuring a proper seal). You can physically see when Phase-separation occurs. Water will settle to the bottom of tank leading to corrosion and rust. The solvent in the ethanol will loosen up the bits of sediment in the tank, which can lead to floating debris, building up and making its way through the fuel system, clogging fuel filters, fuel lines, carburator passageways and possibly holding your float needle open (flooding into your engine) and/ or leaking fuel onto the ground.
Since ethanol is also a known drying agent, it can cause rubber lines to crack, shrink, and deteriorate; resulting in repair work.

What about using fuel stabilizer?
Fuel stabilizer will help lengthen the shelf life of your fuel. We STILL need to be cautious with fuel stabilizers. Try to avoid a stabilizer with any water absorbing chemicals, containing alcohol, and of course containing ethanol!
The alcohol and certain solvents can cause damage to the engine and internal engine parts.

This may be a lot to remember and explain to people. Let’s avoid the inconvenience.

So the Solution. Keep it simple, USE PREMIUM FUEL. Ensure your gas cans stay clean and keep them sealed correctly! Keep water and other debris away from your fresh fuel.

I am not a scientist, but this is what I've gathered.

Any questions? Topics? I'd be happy to hear from you.

Laryssa Black




Last year Brockville Honda Powerhouse was at the Thousand Island mall to support the 'Bikes for Beats'.

This year they will be having a full day ride. THIS coming Saturday August 22nd, Corner of King and Edward (Prescott) Registration 9:00am. $15 entry fee, which includes admission to the Sunday August 23rd Show and Shine (11:00am - 1:00pm) at the clock tower. A Portion of the proceeds going to the Brockville General Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (BCP).

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