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Full Synthetic oil?

Laryssa Black | Published on November 19 2015

"Synthetic is better for my bike" Or is it?

Make the switch to full synthetic oil?

This topic has been a debate for decades, I've been hearing about it for the last 10 years!

Synthetic or Mineral oil? As years pass there's been increased popularity with full synthetic oils.
My curiousity kicks in when customers with older motorcycles come into purchase full synthetic over the counter. I have to ask "why are you using full synthetic?" The preception is that they are "better for my bike" but is it?

Why are the vast majority of Honda's motorcycles calling for GN4 MINERAL OIL? With some exceptions for Full Synthetic or even Synthetic blends.

The amount of money spent on research and development, and more so engine testing, is too great to even imagine. It would be very easy for Honda to recommend full synthetic on all of their products, but they dont. Most commonly they suggest GN4 which is a mineral oil!!!And Yes, full syntheic costs are significantly higer.

In the past, thousands of customers have used full synthetic in their machines with ZERO issues.

However, there has been a hand full I know about, that suffered major repairs due to switching to full synthetic.

Other factors may have contributed to these results too, resulting in the engine burning oil, clutch slippage, lack of clutch engagement and burnt friction and steel plates.

This is a never ending topic and there is no easy or simply answer.

My solution:

***Refer to your owners manual***

If the manual recommends full synthetic - use full synthetic.

If the manual recommends mineral oil - use mineral oil.

Still undecided? use a semi synthetic without moly.

How can we doubt what our manufacturer recommends?
Our new Honada Auto vehicles are now running on Full Synthetic and have been for some time.

*NOTE* - Ensure to use the correct oil viscosity grades.

Click Red box below for a link to viscosity grade breakdowns.


Laryssa Black

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