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I sell Honda because...

Laryssa Black | Published on November 12 2015

...I love them! Not because I have to.

I have noticed the more and more I get to know the Honda products (always something new to discover!), the more I find myself boasting about how great they are.
         Sometimes when I discuss all the benefits of Honda products I can see in the customers' face "You just say that because you work here", the odd time the customer will even directly say that to me, and even more often, they agree!
I DO NOT sell Honda products because I have to, I WANT TO. I can say for certain other staff at Brockville Honda have the choice to work for other manufacturers, but they have too, chosen Honda!
That speaks Volume. When your spending your hard earned dollars on a product, it's quite satisfying knowing you have made the right choice and receiving such great value for every cent spent.
Some of you know all about Hondas' DQR, durability, quality and reliability. A vast majority of you Honda owners increasingly continue to grow their Honda collection. I'm growing my collection too!
Love isn't a word I say lightly nor use often, Yes I'm in my late twenties, we all have different definitions for the word 'LOVE', Personally for me this is my definition... My top 8... 
Something or someone who...
1. I don't mind being around 24/7
2. Makes me smile
3. Keeps me feeling safe
4. Is dependable
5. you enjoy spending every minute with
6. makes unpleasant tasks and chores pleasant
7. when your apart you just want to be together
8. can't picture your life without
If I go by my definition it's more than safe to say I love my Honda Accord, Lawnmower, Motorcycle, Dirtbike AND FUTURE Honda Generator, Honda Snowthrower, Honda Outboard, ATV and more the future will bring! Oh and of course I love my two dogs!!!
***'Bells and whistles' we stress safety! it's our number one concern. Recalls for our cars, generators, motorcycles etc..that  isn't Honda saying our products were defective, we are being over protective of our valued customers, we want to ensure our machines are reliable, most importantly, we want to ensure our valued customers are safe! 
Isn't that why we all buy our Honda's anyhow? To work and last?
Laryssa Black
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