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It's time to vent!

Laryssa Black | Published on October 22 2015

Lack of maintenance, or doing it yourself. Sharing stories.

I need to get some things Iv'e seen off my chest. I can't keep it in anymore! After reading I hope you have a better understanding of how important our technicians are! They are full of so much knowledge!
They take care of our products, but most importantly, they keep us SAFE! So thank you fellow technicians!

I am frustrated. Yes I am a woman and some will say it happens once a month, but regardless of our genders, we ALL get aggravated from time to time!

Im going to share a few things I've seen that stood out to me over the past 10 years in the service industry.

Some may think some of these things are funny, to others I hope they become more cautious, maintain their equipment and if your doing your own repairs, do it PROPERLY, consult your service manual, better yet, bring your machines to a qualified technician!!! 

Listed below are 10 examples of complaints and the reasoning why they occured.

The list is mainly motorcycle related.

1. Blown up motor.
     Conclusion; oil filter installed backwards

2. Gear case overflowing and contaminationg rear tire (dangerous and slippy).
     Conclusion; rear differential oil filled from the breather cap.

3. Will not start, time after time. 
     Conclusion; leaving jerry cans outside with no lids...in the rain. Water in fuel.

4. Feeling a loss, lack of, or zero power. "slipping".
     Conclusion; your rear sprocket is so WORN, you have 3 of 48 teeth left.

5. Front brakes squeeling.
     Conclusion; you installed your pads backwards and you have metal on metal.

6. Cleaned my carbs thoughly and still will no start (my personal favoriate).
     Conclusion; you did a great job cleaning the OUTSIDE of your carburator(s).

7. Rear brake not operational.
     Conclusion; You ignored and forgot to mention the long period of time experiencing squeeling noises. You have worn your brake pads out so much that the caliper pistons wore through the pad backing plates and you are using the pistons themelves to attept to stop.

8. My bike won't start.
     Conclusion; ensure your kill switch is not in the off position.

9. Front brakes arn't working and the manufactures paint is defective.
     Conclusion; you took off your master cylinder cap to repaint and never put it back on.

10. Sorry about this one...but just my opinion... Using a car tire when on the rear wheel of your motorcycle. 
     Conclusion; You tell yourself it's fine for a number of reasons. If the recomended motorcycle tire was priced less than an automotive tire, you would have never have considered it in the first place.

...Well that's enough for now...
Stay safe please !!!

Laryssa Black


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