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Let's Talk Honda Generators

Laryssa Black | Published on March 03 2016

Honda created the 1st commercially available portable generator back in 1965, the E300. That was well over 50 years ago, building on the ever so long remarkable engineering for Honda. The E300 was able to power at least a couple lights. The portable generators were in high demand for leisure use /outdoor activities. The demand for higher powered, larger generators took affect once contractors were astonished by the convenience.

Technology has evolved significantly since then. When "Eco throttle" was introduced it allowed the generators to have enhanced fuel economy, and the functionality controlled the engine speed in accordance with the demand on the generator.

Generators today are used worldwide on a daily basis, covering a majority of applications including camping, boating, charging batteries, charging sensitive electronics, tradespeople, home back-up and even more so common for long commuting transport truck drivers. Much has happened since 1965 to date, I'm eager to see the technology another 20 years from now as Honda in the last couple years released a EU7000iS, which is a fuel injected, push button start, inverter unit.

With all Honda products, Honda strives on ensuring each unit is durable, reliable and of exceptional quality. Honda listens to what consumers want, need and would be most convenient for them.  Other foundations consist of the generators being light weight, compact and astonishingly quiet.

As of 2016 there are four main categories that are available in Canada.

  • Inverter Series

Power the most sensitive electronics with clean power, lighter, more compact, whisper quiet.

  • Lightweight series

30% lighter and more compact than conventional designs

  • Economy Series

More basic, budget friendly, some applications don't require all the bells and whistles

  • Premium Series

Wheel kits, electric start option, GFCI option, iAVR Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Honda has made the right generator for YOU.
Come into Brockville Honda Powerhouse, call us, or e-mail me to learn more.



Laryssa Black

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