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Laryssa Black | Published on August 26 2015

Raking your leaves this year? Lets try something else.

Summer, I hope is far from over, looks like we will also be having a prolonged mowing season too!
However, I started to notice some leaves beginning to fall which made me wonder.....
What does everyone do with their leaves in the fall? Rake and bag? Year after year? 

I than found myself discovering the benefits of mulching our leaves v.s bagging them.
I will start with the reasons NOT to bag (to get the negative out of the way and end on a happy note).
When we bag it costs us money, not only the bags, but for some, our tax bills for the added truck clean/pick-up services. Also, most of these leaves are dumped into landfills (not great). When we burn our leaves we are now sending carbon up into our atmosphere. (maybe not horrible for some.... but lets focus on the Advantages now)

When we recycle our leaves we are taking advantage of our own natural resources. Leaves are a natural fertilizer and actually a weed control agent! Making our lawns look that much better, year after year. Our gardens enjoy the fertilizer too! Leaf clippings and our grass clippings combined compost at a faster rate. BONUS!!! When we mulch our leaves we are also reducing our leaf pile to about 1/10th its size! ( if you would like to reduce your bagging amounts).

This now brings me to our Honda Lawnmowers, well suited for the job!

To be honest, lots of consumers see the price of our mowers and get a "sticker shock sensation". Not to blame them, when you could buy a lawnmower for half the price, but what are you  REALLY buying? 
Are you using your hard earned dollars to invest or is it better to purchase a throw away mower?
Truly, it saddens me to not be able to supply parts for non Honda's, as well as try to find a place for consumers to find replacement parts/ and or service.

I am proud to say we still have people coming in for general maintenance with mowers around the 20 year mark! For Honda's, in that scenario the lifespan would average $30 per year, vs a throw away (assuming one is purchasing every 3 years.. totaling $100 dollars a year. "it's just a lawnmower" but it really is so much more than that.

Having a dependable machine, starting every time you need it to, and getting the job done right! Not to mention saving the headache of shopping for a new mower every few years or shopping around for parts, which is NOT that easy.
We need to note of course, that you do need to look after your Honda machine when it comes to winterizing and fuel (see my article on fuel for a more in depth explanation). Even if you do not wish to mulch your leaves, the Honda is still the perfect unit for you.

Back to mulching! A far better use of our resources!

Self propelled mowers are great for any incline, and certainly take the 'work' out of mowing. When you bag, the front wheels tend to lift, causing loss in traction, Honda's solution: having our mowers rear wheel drive. We still have a few models left in stock!
For smaller areas, the base push works great!, purchasing the optional secondary cutting blade will make our mulching process even more efficient! Our self propelled comes stock with a secondary blade, our quadracut system (twin blades) provide four cutting surfaces to give us ultra fine clippings; thus, better mulching and increased bag capacity. 
Our 5.5hp engines have more than enough power to do the job. They are also four stroke (no fooling around with mixing fuel) and have Auto-choke (no priming or manual choke involved)

I'm most certainly going to try the mulching this year, are you? and Yes I own a Honda lawnmower!

Come in and visit us! We would love to show our selection and answer your questions.

Laryssa Black


On August 31st between 1:00pm and 7:00pm the Brockville Memorial Center is holding a blood drive.
Come join us, donate and help save lives.
1 Magedoma dr, Brockville, K6V 7J5.
For more information call 1-888-2-donate, or book on-line www.blood.ca

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