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New & improved snowthrowers

Laryssa Black | Published on December 10 2015

Winter had met it's match

Tough on the outside & reliable on the inside. It's safe to say Winter has met it's match!
Honda has outdone themselves, yet, again.

The thought of Honda two stage snowthrowers ranging from $2000 - $5000 may be a bit much for most.
I can say with the up most confidence I HAVE NEVER heard ONE customer regret the decision to make that purchase, on the contrary, regret for not making the switch to a Honda snowblower sooner.

What makes our snowthrowers that much better than competitors?

1. If need be, you can actually get parts for them
2. Trained technicians that can do any necessary repair
3.Honda snowthrowers are not "throw aways", yes there are customers with blowers aged 30+!
4. HYDROSTATIC transmission. No need to worry about friction plates and belts propelling the machine.
5. It's a Honda. Guaranteed DQR, Durability, Quality & Reliability

For those that are not familiar with them yourself, visit the link below or come in and see me.

I want to touch on the NEW enhanced features.

*Electric joystick- whether you have electric start or not. New power coil has been introduced. No more manual cranking of the chute.
*Increased auger housing height. Get into a ridiculously high build up of snow.
*New redesigned tracks. Different tracks pattern and more! (don't see why that needed improvement)
*LED work light. Cleaner, brighter light.  As the future approcahes we see more and more of this on our products. Why not look stylish when your walking behind your blower as it does the work.
*Relocated drain plug. Effortless oil changes.
*New stylish ergonomic controls.
*Two step chutes on all electric start models.
*Larger wheels and new tires for better traction on the new HSS724CW
*New steering assist drive system.
1. levers to assist in turning right and left, going forward or backwards, or to do a circle.
2. With non current models, we had to manually disengage the transmission. Manourvering this machine which it was stationary (not running) wasn't as much fun.
*Improved snow removal performance.
*Maintenance free battery (on CTD models.
*No more HST transmission resivoir (completly maintenance free)
*Relocated auger height adjustment.
*Certain models have rear skid shoes, as opposed to side.

To sum it up, there are A LOT of changes.

Call or email me with ANY questions.

Laryssa Black

(613) 342-1462

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