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Laryssa Black | Published on September 16 2015

Good idea??? Yes Yes Yes!

        Innovative technology as always for Honda! We started to see Honda ad this convenient feature in 2013 as an option on select models. I decided to look into the benefits of a push button start after reading a repugnant article about the idea, in general for all manufactures. The writers' reasoning in my opinion (we all have one) came across nonsensical. 

    One concern the writer had was locking the Smart Key (Fob) inside your car.... After conducting my own research I've found endless advantages and zero disadvantages. Here are my Top features I love about Honda's Smart key entry system and push button start. 

  • It is far from enjoyable, nor amusing, spending what seems like forever shuffling through my purse looking for my car keys. With Smart key entry, I can now leave it in my purse and that's it!:) 
    I walk up to my car, touch the handle, the door unlocks. Sit in my seat, push a button and my car starts! 
    WITH the 'keys' (fob) in my Purse, Pocket, center console, etc. 

  • Ok, time to panic!?, now you locked your key fob in your car?? or trunk??  Guess what? You didn't!  
    The doors will automatically unlock, or remain unlocked when the vehicle detects the fob is inside the vehicle. Even if you leave your fob in your trunk, the trunk will beep and open. 

  • What about getting out of your vehicle when its running? Unlikely for most, but it does happen, again, once you get out of your vehicle it will beep to inform you. 

  • Dead battery in our key fob? Our fobs will blink or beep at us, giving us adequate warning to replace the battery in more than a reasonable amount of time. There are also safeguards in place in case you do need to start the car and the fob battery is dead. 

We are avoiding faulty ignition switch recalls, keys getting stuck in ignitions and even known cases of the vehicle stalling while driving. 

Smart Keys are getting even smarter, memory saving seat and mirrors setting to suit either driver. 
What will be next??? We shall see! 

Questions? Topics? I'd love to hear from you! 

Laryssa Black

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