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Winterization Clinic Run-Down

Laryssa Black | Published on October 28 2015

For those who missed our Winterization Clinic

     Firstly,I'd like to start off thanking everyone who had the time to join us for our Winterization clinic on October 17th! It was great to see everyone and catch up.

The event was a success with  over 30 valued guests and family attending, whom all received personal gifts bags with fuel stabilizer, and another service ingredient depending on the specific product they own.

     Secondly, it was great to have our two Senior Technicians at our event that answered any additional questions our guests had. Both Gary Carr and Chris Culhane have over 60 years combined experience! That's something to be confident about! SO much knowledge! Thank you Chris and Gary!!!

     Thirdly, I must thank Peter Wedekamm, most of you know Peter, for those who don't, he keeps Brockville Honda Powerhouse in great order, always putting our valued customers, guests, first! He goes over and beyond, working hard to give back to our beautiful community. He has been an inspiration to me, and with his support and efforts, he has helped me ensure this event was exactly what I hoped it would be. Thank you Peter!!!

We are proud to say we are a part of The Mierins Automotive Group. I'd like to specifically thank Lisa Mierins Smith and Mr Arnie Mierins Jr. who have encouraged and been an accessory to our events.
The Mierins Automotive Group have only one objective: that of exceeding the expectations of their customers by offering a level of customer service that has no equal.

Now, for those who missed our clinic or would like to review, here are some key points we discussed.
As mentioned before, please don't hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.
(see previous articles for a more in depth conversation about the below)

Laryssa Black

laryssa.black@brockvillehonda.com           613-342-1462

STABILIZER- Use Honda fuel stabilizer. CAUTION* as we touch on the negative effects of ethanol, some over the counter fuel stabilizers actually contain ethanol (defeating the purpose) or have high alcohol content (which damages the internals of our engines, we have tight tolerances with clearance when it comes to small engines).

***Fill your tank with high test, add stabilizer, run your engine for a couple minutes.

For carburated models, drain your float bowl(s). If not possible, turn fuel valve off and run until your unit stalls.
For Fuel injected models, run the mix of stabilized fuel through the system for a few minutes.
     *We discussed fuel phase separation, corrosion, fungus and oxidization.
Anti oxidants are in fuel stabilizer and are manufactures to kill and prevent algae & fungus which is produced when fuel sits for x amount of time. We give regular fuel a shelf like of 30 DAYS MAX!

FUEL TANKS- Preferably with metal tanks we want to keep them full (with our stabilizer of course. We want to avoid rust formation, mildew and rotted line resulting with poor fuel quality or too much oxygen introduced to the fuel during the siting period.
     Plastic tanks on our power equipment. It does not hurt anything if you prefer to leave the fuel system completely dry. Empty tank and run unit until it stalls out. Drain float bowl to ensure no excess fuel is left behind.

BATTERIES- We need to maintain them! Keep them charges and preferably warm.
When a battery isn't fully charge it is prone to freezing! Yes they freeze! Once they freeze unfortunately there is no way to resurrect them.

***Use a 2 amp battery tender, something that will cycle off when your battery has reached its full charge. Overcharging is just as bad as freezing and very easy to do, when charging with a non smart charger or a charger with a rating over 2 amps, both will warp and damage the cells. Yes we sell Honda Optimate 3 battery charger/tenders for less than suggested retail. We all strongly encourage the importance of proper battery maintenance.

ENGINE OILYes we need to replace our engine oil. You may have done so months back but combustion by products produce acid in the oil and can corrode our engine parts.
***Change your engine oil before storage, were preventing corrosion from occurring during the storage process.

OTHER MAINTENANCE- Clean your machine, ensure your cover is breathable. 
Example, if you have a chain drive motorcycle, lube the chain and inspect your tires, brakes etc. be prepared for spring and ensure all repairs are done so your ready to go for the season. If equipped, test your coolant quality, we recommend to replace every 2 years on motorcycles/power equipment. You should replace your brake and clutch if you haven't done so in the last 2 years.


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