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Your Battery can Freeze

Laryssa Black | Published on October 15 2015

Winter is 
closer than I thought...A few lovely customers mentioned today that they are calling for flurries this weekend...
How often is the weather report actually accurate. It was VERY cold this morningwhich brings me to a brief discussion on storing our batteries during cold seasons.

Notice in the above picture how the cells look somewhat bubbled, or warped?
This battery may have had a significant amount of like life, but was left in a cold garage, unattended last winter.

The majority of batteries have lead plates inside that are immersed in an acid electrolyte; 'lead-acid'.
Newer products on the market use an AGM battery, the acid level is fixed and volume never adjusted; 'maintenance free'.

The power or strength of our batteries is determined by the specific gravity of the acid.
When our specific gravity drops, the acid is turning into water, and depending on the environment you store your battery, likely to freeze. 
Once ice forms, it damages the lead grid structure in the battery, this damage is permanent.

It is easy to tell if a battery is frozen or has been at one point. 
The frozen cells will expand, resulting in the case bulging. 

***Very important to maintain our batteries correctly during the cold months.

*Use an approved battery tender/ maintainer. Very important, as overcharging also caused irreversible damage. (We do sell the Honda approved and recommended Optimate tender).

*Try to leave your batteries in a warm dry place. If not available ensure your battery is fully charged and maintained so the specific gravity does not drop to a freezing point.
 ***Note. It takes more energy to charge a cold battery.

*Clean your battery terminals to prevent grime and dust. Eliminating the chance of unwanted current flow.

*Follow safety guidelines before handling your battery.

To those who are not aware, our Winterization clinic is this Saturday, October 17th from 10:30-11:30
Hope to see you there!

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Laryssa Black


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