Fall Maintenance

Fall Maintenance

Fall Maintenance

Regular car maintenance is vital in areas that experience harsh weather conditions. At Brockville Honda, we are committed to offering quality services to ensure your vehicle is taken care of. When preparing for the upcoming fall months, ensure you know your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

Oil and Filter Replacement

Regular oil and filter replacements extend your engine’s life by getting rid of debris, dirt particles, and contaminants from hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transmission oil, or engine oil. The oil filter and quality of oil are crucial in protecting your engine from wear and tear.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is important because it extends how long your tire will last. When not rotated, tires will wear down quicker, and you will have to replace them more often. Rotating tires also ensures even wear, which will improve your fuel economy. Uneven wear on your tires will make your car more unstable with less grip on the road.

Battery and Charging System Test

An AVR test will help determine whether your power delivery system is in good condition. Your car’s main power supply is the charging system, and any issues could make the car fail to start. An AVR test inspects the alternator output, system voltage, starting system, starter system, battery, and volt drop test.

4-wheel Brake Service

The 4-wheel brake service will ensure you and your passengers are safe by avoiding unwanted collisions. You will save money on unwanted future repairs when you regularly get your brakes serviced. Our team will replace the uneven innings, rotors, brake fluid, and pads.

Multi-point Vehicle Inspection

A multi-point vehicle inspection will help you budget and plan for future repairs. This inspection covers most areas, including under the hood, safety equipment, interior, exterior, drivetrain, and suspension.

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