You may not know this, but your key fob could be hiding a bunch of features you haven’t used yet. Some of them obvious, others not so much. Let’s dive in. 

  1. Secret Key  With more and more cars using keyless ignition, the more obsolete the key becomes. However, most key fobs rely on batteries to work and when those batteries die, you might be stuck in a pickle. Good news for car owners though, most brands, including Honda, have keys hidden inside the fob and key holes hidden in the door handles to allow you to access your car without the fob. Refer to the driver’s manual of your vehicle to know where this key is located, how to access it, and how to find the keyhole. 
  2. Window Roll Down – Another common secret function is being able to roll down all your windows at the click of a button or two to three clicks depending on the key fob. This feature is useful for hot summer days when you want to cool off your car a little before you get in. It’s good to know how to activate so you don’t do it accidentally during a rainstorm 
  3. Mirror Folding – This only works on cars that have the feature where the side mirrors fold automatically with a button. This feature creates peace of mind that your mirrors won’t be ripped off by a careless driver when you have to navigate into a small parking spot.
  4.  Panic Button – We’ve all heard the panic button go off on a car accidentally too late in the middle of the night, however, there are actual uses for this feature. Most remotes have a panic button or combination of buttons that can help you find your car in a crowded garage or to thwart off anyone who might be trying to break in.  
  5. Remote Start – Vehicles that are equipped with this feature usually have a button for it on the key fob, though some brands and models have a button combination on the fob instead. 
  6. Seat Adjustment Memory – This is for cars where the seats can be adjusted at the push of a button, usually on the side of the seat. You can set a memory of where you like your seat and the car will remember and adjust depending on who is driving. It works by assigning a number to the key fobs, so when the fob activates the car, it can adjust the seat according to which number activated it.  

All these features are technically not “secret”, they’re just not widely known. If you’re curious if your vehicle has any of them, you can look through the car’s manual or us for more information.