Honda Automatic Cruise Control

Honda Automatic Cruise Control

Honda Automatic Cruise Control

At Brockville Honda, we understand that innovative technology and safety features are essential when considering a new car. Automatic Cruise Control, which is available on certain Honda models, makes driving simpler and safer. Visit us in Brockville, ON, to browse our new inventory of Honda models that offer this state-of-the-art feature.

What Is Honda Automatic Cruise Control?

Automatic Cruise Control, sometimes called Adaptive Cruise Control or ACC, is a feature that automatically adjusts the speed of a vehicle to maintain a safe distance from other cars. When engaged, this system maintains the cruise control speed you want until its radar detects a vehicle ahead of you. The system can then engage the brakes to slow the car. The system can also be used in stop-and-go traffic with the Low-Speed Follow mode.

How Do I Use Honda Adaptive Cruise Control?

To use the automatic cruise control, push the Main button on the steering wheel. An “ACC” symbol will appear on the dash. To set your speed, accelerate to your desired speed and press the SET/- button. You can adjust the speed using short presses of the RES/+ or SET/- buttons. The Interval button on the steering wheel can also be used to increase or decrease the space the system leaves between your vehicle and other traffic. You can turn off the system by pressing the Cancel or Main button or the brake pedal.

What Are the Benefits of Using Honda Automatic Cruise Control?

Using the automatic cruise control makes driving less tiring. It can help drivers maintain a safe, consistent speed, but it also adjusts and slows the vehicle, keeping a safe distance when approaching other cars on the highway. This can help reduce the risk of accidents while allowing the driver to focus on making adjustments or changing lanes.

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