For the next model year, Honda has announced that it will be removing the manual transmission from the Civic Sedan lineup; however, enthusiasts can still buy it with the Civic Hatchback. Despite which transmission you may favor, the question remains, is manual a better buy than automatic? 


In Canada, manual transmission Civics are cheaper to buy than their automatic counterparts. For the same trim, you can buy a 2020 Civic LX manual for over $1,000 less than the automatic. However, if you want a higher trim than the LX, you will have to switch over to an automatic transmission. 


It’s well known that driving a manual vehicle is much harder than an automatic. You have to time your clutch and gear change perfectly so you don’t stall out. Though, Honda has incorporated a few helping features in their Safety Suite to assist with some of the issues. For instance, Hill Start Assist helps you start from a stop on a hill without rolling backwards. 

For some people driving a manual is more fun than an automatic as it requires a little more thought and engagement in driving; however, most people drive not just for the thrill of driving, but to simply get from one place to another. 

Fuel Efficiency:  

According to Consumer Reports and backed by data available for the Honda Civic Sedan, manual transmission vehicles are more fuel efficient than automatic. Shifting gears at the right time can make all the difference when it comes to fuel economy. With the 2020 Civic Sedan LX, you can save a little over 1 L/100Km for city driving with the manual.  

 2020 Manual Civic LX – 9.3/6.5/8.0 (City/Hwy/Combined) 

 2020 Automatic Civic LX – 7.9/6.1/7.1) (City/Hwy/Combined) 

It seems clear that the manual transmission is a better buy, but there’s a bigger win for the automatic transmission: it’s easier! When driving around town, you will enjoy a more pleasant and shudder-free drive and because it’s automatic, there’s less of a chance of grinding your gears which extends the life of your transmission itself. Without having to press the clutch on and off, you lessen driving fatigue.  

Despite which transmission you favor, with a new vehicle from Brockville Honda, you will be driving a reliable and safe vehicle. Both Manual and Automatic transmission versions of the 2020 Civic offer the standard Honda Sensing Suite along with a slew of safety features. If you can’t decide between the transmissions, you are welcomed to talk to one of our Sales Associates who will help you find the perfect vehicle for you.