With spring in full swing, the time is now to get your vehicle ready for a most enjoyable season on the road. If you’re looking to get started on your spring vehicle maintenance in Brockville, Cornwall, ON, or beyond, learn more with the following tips and contact us at Brockville Honda today for further details.

Now that temperatures have risen above 7 degrees Celsius, we suggest starting your spring maintenance by swapping out your winter tires for all-seasons. Winter roads aren’t particularly welcoming, which is why we also recommend booking a wheel alignment at our Service Centre to help preserve your vehicle’s handling, fuel economy, and performance for the spring. We also suggest booking a detailing service for your car’s interior and exterior, so we can rid it of nagging salt that could lead to corrosion and other stains that could be harmful to your car’s materials. Next come your braking system, battery, and vital fluids, including engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant, and our technicians will be happy to check all of them and provide any care your car needs during your next service appointment. Furthermore, your heating system and windshield wipers have both seen a busy winter, and we’ll be glad to inspect both your air filter and wipers and replace them if necessary, so you can brave the spring and its storms with complete peace of mind.

For more spring maintenance tips or to book your service appointment, contact us at Brockville Honda today.