By visiting us at Brockville Honda, you can take advantage of our dealership’s numerous automotive services to enjoy a seamless vehicle shopping, purchasing, and ownership experience. Our services extend beyond our new inventory to include vehicle service, parts sales, and more. Be sure to visit us to get your vehicle the services it needs or browse through our selection to find a new model that fits your growing needs.

Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance needs is the only way to guarantee its reliability for the upcoming driving season, so make sure never to skip regular maintenance and get your vehicle an oil change on time. You will also want to get an engine tune-up regularly and a vehicle health check-up to ensure proper vehicle function and performance.

Why & How To Check Your Vehicle’s Battery

Your vehicle’s battery plays a vital role in ensuring you enjoy a reliable commute to work, so you will want to check your battery’s health to avoid mishaps in the future. Age, heat, and other factors can affect the lifespan of your battery, and checking it is the best way to get ahead of issues. If your vehicle is experiencing random electric issues, begin by visually checking the battery to look for acid leaks or physical damage. You might even find that the terminals have corrosion and require cleaning, but by using your vehicle’s various electrical systems, you should have a good idea if the battery is weak. You can also stop by our Service Centre to have an expert test the voltage of your battery.

Contact Us

Whether you want to maintain your current vehicle or upgrade to a newer model from our selection, our team of experts is ready to assist you with your automotive needs. We make upgrading to a new Honda a breeze by accepting your older vehicle as a trade-in. You can also rely on our dealership’s Finance Centre to secure the appropriate financing or leasing option for your situation.