Honda always has a large lineup of vehicles and trim levels available, but one of the more interesting ones is the Black Edition. In 2014, the black edition was first released, it was only offered on the CR-V and Civic models in certain countries. In 2019, the Black Edition is available on two of their new models: the Pilot and Ridgeline.


What does the Black Edition offer over other trim levels?

The Black Edition is essentially a visual upgrade from the highest trim level they offer. It gets all the bells and whistles of a maxed out model as well as some pretty sweet accents. If you haven’t already guess from the name of it, the Black Edition features an all black version of the specific vehicle with black accents. The Ridgeline comes with 18” aluminum alloy wheels (The Pilot comes with 20” wheels), a gloss black bumper skid garnish, front grille bar, and body-coloured door handles. It also comes with a black leather interior with red contrast stitching and custom “Black Edition” lettering on the front seats and custom floor mats. One other unique feature it comes with is Red ambient lighting around the doors and footwells. 


How is the Ridgeline different from other mid size trucks?

The Ridgeline is definitely unique from other mid size trucks in the industry. One of the most interesting differences from its competitors, is the car-like unibody design. Most other trucks are separated into two pieces, the cab and the bed. The unibody design gives a much greater overall strength while still keeping the 5,000 lb towing capacity and 5 ft. bed. Another industry-only feature that the Ridgeline offers is the Truck-Bed Audio system. This system features 6 speakers located inside the bed wall pumping out 540-watts of power. Whether you are washing the truck, out camping, or tailgating the big game, the truck bed audio system is sure to entertain you even when not in the vehicle. 


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