Winter Tire Change and Storage

When the temperatures drop, and the snowy weather arrives, it’s important to take steps to stay safe on the roads. Winter weather can be hazardous, and it’s a smart idea to have winter tires installed. That’s because these types of tires do a better job in the difficult conditions we experience in our region.

Benefits of Winter Tires

When the temperature gets below 7 degrees Celsius, the rubber in all-season tires can start to harden. This could negatively affect traction and overall safety. Winter tires, on the other hand, can stay flexible even in freezing temperatures, allowing them to grip the road. Winter tires have deep, aggressive treads that can push water and slush away, and this results in more control and stability. If you need assistance with switching to winter tires, our Service Centre at Brockville Honda would be happy to help. Our service experts will ensure your tires are installed correctly and will make sure the tires are properly balanced and aligned.

Storage for Tires

When you have your tires swapped out for the season, you’ll need an appropriate place to store the replacements. Tires need to be kept in cool, dry conditions so they don’t prematurely wear down. They also need to be cleaned before being stored. Avoid the hassle of carrying heavy tires that take up space, and utilize our tire storage service! We keep them safe, clean, and dry, so you won’t have to worry about transporting them or finding a place to store them. They will also be ready for you here next season when you need to install them!

Install Winer Tires at Brockville Honda

Schedule an appointment with our Service Centre to get your winter tires installed now. Benefit from our expertise in vehicle maintenance, and visit us today!